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January 21, 2003

The end of Chimera ?

Have you taken a look at the Chimera/Safari thread on apple.slashdot.org recently ? Whoosh .. it sure does drain comments.

The overwhelming reaction to Safari (1 million downloads today!) has made Chimera's developers throw the sponge in another slashdot article (original weblog entry).

I'm torn about what to do with Chimera. It's obvious it will only ever be a marginal product on a even more marginal platform. AOL and Netscape have no interest in supporting it. Who aspires to be number two in an already over-commoditized space? Working my ass off for 3% just isn't any fun any more. Safari has already won, the rest is just to see by how much.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate drops to zero.

Perhaps what is more disappointing is that my fifteen minutes of fame are just about up and I've really got nothing to show for it.

MacSlash has an thread on the demise of Chimera ("Is Chimera dead?"). I certainly hope that the Chimera team somehow withstand the shock, as they are Safari's best competitor. Chimera has become my main browser since version 0.6, and I've been using the nightly builds ever since. They have added stablilty and new features continuously to a great-to-be product.

Tab browsing is the main festure requested by the users - and the main thread of discussion in most forums and weblogs. My opinion is that I've grown into using tabs while coding and developing websites. They enable me as a developer to have at the tip of my mouse several versions of my product, access to online databases and other sources of references without cluttering my desktop with windows.

Talking about tabs in Safari, I fell on an original proposal while reading Mengjuei :: Blog : cocoa tabbed browsing as shown in JY's weblog (view an image).

Anyhow, I'm happy with Chimera for the time being.

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